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 (glă-sē′, glăs′ē, glā′sĭs)
n. pl. glacis
a. A gentle slope; an incline.
b. A slope extending down from a fortification.
2. A neutral area separating conflicting forces.

[French, from Old French, from glacer, to slide, from glace, ice, from Vulgar Latin *glacia, from Latin glaciēs; see gel- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈɡlæsɪs; ˈɡlæsɪ; ˈɡleɪ-)
n, pl -ises or -is (-iːz; -ɪz)
1. a slight incline; slope
2. (Fortifications) an open slope in front of a fortified place
3. (Military) short for glacis plate
[C17: from French, from Old French glacier to freeze, slip, from Latin glaciāre, from glaciēs ice]


(ˈgleɪ sɪs, ˈglæs ɪs)

n., pl. gla•cis (ˈgleɪ siz, -sɪz, ˈglæs iz, -ɪz)
1. a gentle slope.
2. a gradually sloping embankment of earth dug from the ditch of a fortification, leading downward from the counterscarp toward open country.
[1665–75; < Middle French; akin to Old French glacier to slide; compare Latin glacāre to make into ice; see glacé]
References in classic literature ?
suddenly exclaimed a voice above them; "wait to see the enemy, fire low and sweep the glacis.
Duncan heard the grating of the rusty hinges, and darting to the spot, directed by the sound, he met a long line of dark red warriors, passing swiftly toward the glacis.
At least not fought with any determination or enthusiasm or fought with weapons-grade measures that might penetrate the armoured glacis that protects corruption everywhere.
Hariri's resignation could prove useful by posing a crucial question: Should Lebanon re-become Lebanon or should it be a glacis for the Islamic Republic in its quest for an unattainable regional hegemony?
Globalization describes the era that is emerging from the shattered glacis of the old Cold War divide.
Markethill and representing Boylesports (Gibraltar) Limited, Unit 7/8 Portland House, Glacis Road, Gibraltar in my capacity as CEO, herby make application to the Minister for Justice and Equality for a Certificate of Personal Fitness to hold a Remote Bookmakers Licence under the Betting Act 1931.
Ademas, completa la red hidrica el agua de deshielo anual de Sierra Nevada, asi como la gran cantidad de torrentes localizados en los glacis que circundan la depresion.
Other suitable places for wine-growing are represented by sections of the embankments of the two rivers, the Sebes and the Apold, which have carved their ways through the depressions and piedmont glacis found at the foot of the hill slopes.
Under these conditions, Turkey is not simply a partner in crisis management, but essentially a permanent glacis, a barrier against instability emanating from the south and southeast.
La visite du premier responsable europeen a Tripoli brise le glacis de l'indifference.