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 (glă-sē′, glăs′ē, glā′sĭs)
n. pl. glacis
a. A gentle slope; an incline.
b. A slope extending down from a fortification.
2. A neutral area separating conflicting forces.

[French, from Old French, from glacer, to slide, from glace, ice, from Vulgar Latin *glacia, from Latin glaciēs; see gel- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈɡlæsɪs; ˈɡlæsɪ; ˈɡleɪ-)
n, pl -ises or -is (-iːz; -ɪz)
1. a slight incline; slope
2. (Fortifications) an open slope in front of a fortified place
3. (Military) short for glacis plate
[C17: from French, from Old French glacier to freeze, slip, from Latin glaciāre, from glaciēs ice]
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(ˈgleɪ sɪs, ˈglæs ɪs)

n., pl. gla•cis (ˈgleɪ siz, -sɪz, ˈglæs iz, -ɪz)
1. a gentle slope.
2. a gradually sloping embankment of earth dug from the ditch of a fortification, leading downward from the counterscarp toward open country.
[1665–75; < Middle French; akin to Old French glacier to slide; compare Latin glacāre to make into ice; see glacé]
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