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glad 1

adj. glad·der, glad·dest
a. Experiencing or exhibiting joy and pleasure.
b. Appreciative: was glad to be home.
2. Providing joy and pleasure: a glad occasion.
3. Very willing; pleased: glad to help.
tr. & intr.v. glad·ded, glad·ding, glads Archaic
To gladden.

[Middle English, from Old English glæd; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]

glad′ly adv.
glad′ness n.
Synonyms: glad1, happy, cheerful, lighthearted, joyful, joyous
These adjectives mean being in or showing good spirits. Glad often refers to the feeling that results from the gratification of a wish or from satisfaction with immediate circumstances: "They were smiling, lifting their hands to me, glad to be together, glad to see me" (Wendell Berry).
Happy applies to a feeling of pleasure, satisfaction, or joy: "Ask yourself whether you are happy, and you cease to be so" (John Stuart Mill).
Cheerful suggests characteristic good spirits: a cheerful volunteer.
Lighthearted stresses the absence of care: "We knew that things were hard for our Bohemian neighbors, but the two girls were lighthearted and never complained" (Willa Cather).
Joyful and joyous suggest lively, often exultant happiness: a joyful heart; joyous laughter.

glad 2

n. Botany
A gladiolus.
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Why was not Gilbert gladder? Why would he not talk about the baby?
You might almost guess as much from this letter; it is long enough for anything; but, Harry, if it makes you realize that one of your oldest friends is glad to have seen you, and will be gladder still to see you again, and to talk of anything and everything except the past, I shall cease to be ashamed even of its length!
That blessed lamb found out I hated Monday mornin's somethin' awful; an' what does she up an' tell me one day but this: 'Well, anyhow, Nancy, I should think you could be gladder on Monday mornin' than on any other day in the week, because 'twould be a whole WEEK before you'd have another one!' An' I'm blest if I hain't thought of it ev'ry Monday mornin' since--an' it HAS helped, ma'am.
Later.--Glad I made the resolution, gladder that I kept to it.
I was glad, then, to find that he was my neighbor, and gladder still when, in the dead of the night, I heard a whisper close to my ear, and found that he had managed to cut an opening in the board which separated us.
Right glad was the traveller to see the high tower of Christchurch Priory gleaming in the mellow evening light, and gladder still when, on rounding a corner, he came upon his comrades of the morning seated astraddle upon a fallen tree.
Little Meadow could be right for you, it's Aster Group's latest 'Gladder' development, and is located just one mile from the beautiful village of Cranleigh.
This gladder control pad gives wearers the confidence to continue their daily activities without worrying about leaks.
Q: I'm a retired federal employee and have never been gladder to be retired!
Perhaps most importantly, it highlighted that the world fair for a "fairer, grander, gladder future" was the true "gesamtkunstwerk" of not just industrial and mechanical acumen, but also exemplify a civilising process for society.
"The labourer is gladder at his plow, Erly on morwe to feede hym on bacoun, Than som man is, that hath tresour inow Of all deyntes, plente & foisoun, And hath no fredam, with his pocessioun, To gon at large, but as a bere at stake, To passe his boundis, but if he leve take (127-33) The idea of freedom that Lydgate expresses here, through the didactic bird, is paradoxical--it is not the rich who are free and their laborers plowing their fields who are in bondage, but rather the contrary; possessions and treasure are a form of tyranny, and those who have them are chained to these possessions as a bear to a stake.
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