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n. pl. glad·i·o·li (-lī, -lē) or glad·i·o·lus·es
1. also glad·i·o·la (-lə) Botany Any of numerous plants of the genus Gladiolus, native chiefly to tropical and southern Africa and having sword-shaped leaves and showy, variously colored, irregular flowers arranged in one-sided spikes. Also called sword lily.
2. Anatomy The large middle section of the sternum.

[Middle English gladiol, from Latin gladiolus, wild iris, diminutive of gladius, sword; see gladiator.]


[ˌglædiˈəʊlaɪ] nplglaïeuls mpl
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So was Liverpool the home of the Liver bird, a place where a type of seaweed or gladioli grew, or a place associated with Leofhere or the Lever family?
gladioli y el aislado de Fusarium de Villa Guerrero se presentan en otro grupo, lo que hace suponer que estos comparten caracteristicas moleculares que representan un alto porcentaje de similitud entre ellas (Figura 3).
gladioli, tigrida, agapanthus, lilies and dahlias are all available now and ready for planting.
ALTHOUGH the most fun to be had from gladioli is to watch Dame Edna Everage throwing big, gaudy ones from the stage, there are a few that have a poetic beauty.
New bulbs Plant your summerflowering bulbs, such as gladioli, into the garden and tubs and pots.
SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Van Gaal has warned United of Death or Gladioli in cup ties
A healthy Gladioli | A healthy Gladioli QI'VE planted gladioli but they don't look right.
The best of them are the nanus hybrids, which have a dainty poise, quite unlike the in-your-face extravagance of the gladioli that Dame Edna Everage used to strew among her audiences.
The impressive flower spikes of Gladioli come in a wide array of beautiful colors.
All 40 members have been challenged to each grow a gladioli, which will be entered for judging as part of new novice classes designed for newcomers to competition.
Colourful Australian comedienne Dame Edna claimed them as her own and gladioli are a great way to bring vibrant colour into your home this summer.