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n. pl. glad·i·o·li (-lī, -lē) or glad·i·o·lus·es
1. also glad·i·o·la (-lə) Botany Any of numerous plants of the genus Gladiolus, native chiefly to tropical and southern Africa and having sword-shaped leaves and showy, variously colored, irregular flowers arranged in one-sided spikes. Also called sword lily.
2. Anatomy The large middle section of the sternum.

[Middle English gladiol, from Latin gladiolus, wild iris, diminutive of gladius, sword; see gladiator.]
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[ˌglædiˈəʊlaɪ] nplglaïeuls mpl
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This beautiful dwarf-flowering gladioli mix comes in a rainbow of colours - its delicate flowers resembling the wings of a butterfly.
Pop in a couple of pieces of charcoal to keep it smelling sweet then add a layer of sphagnum moss to stop soil washing into the gladioli blooms pesky thrips - tiny insects that feed plants and spoil flowers.
You don't see too much of this around but if you like gladioli and crocosmia, you might be interested in growing this one.
So was Liverpool the home of the Liver bird, a place where a type of seaweed or gladioli grew, or a place associated with Leofhere or the Lever family?
gladioli, tigrida, agapanthus, lilies and dahlias are all available now and ready for planting.
ALTHOUGH the most fun to be had from gladioli is to watch Dame Edna Everage throwing big, gaudy ones from the stage, there are a few that have a poetic beauty.
GLAD ALL OVER: At the Chelsea Flower Show, one of the outstanding exhibits was a magnificent stand of gladioli from Pheasant Acre Nursery near Bridgend in South Wales.
"In the Netherlands we have a saying 'Death or the Gladioli' which means all or nothing and we will go into the match fully prepared.
A healthy Gladioli | A healthy Gladioli QI'VE planted gladioli but they don't look right.
The best of them are the nanus hybrids, which have a dainty poise, quite unlike the in-your-face extravagance of the gladioli that Dame Edna Everage used to strew among her audiences.