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Noun1.gladsomeness - experiencing joy and pleasure
happiness - emotions experienced when in a state of well-being
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"[T]hough Jane did not acknowledge to herself that she regretted the old state of things," the narrator tells us, "still less that she feared the future, it was undeniable that the past seemed very bright in her memory, and that something weighed upon her heart, forbidding such gladsomeness as she had known" (230).
The Poet's day will be moment upon moment of gladsomeness. Poets do whatever they like.
For Wordsworth, the many offerings in this shrine speak of "comfortless despairs," the sufferings of those who expect no relief on earth: the name of the chapel therefore casts a shadow across the path of the thoughtless traveller, bringing to "Summer gladsomeness" an infusion of " chastening sympathies." Although this parti-colouring of the moral landscape is celebrated as a good thing, Wordsworth concludes by urging his readers to "give free course to joy and love, / Deeming the evil of the day / Sufficient for the wise" (MT 22-24; PW 3.175-76) for the present.