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Noun1.glamorisation - the act of glamorizing; making something or someone more beautiful (often in a superficial way)
beautification - the act of making something more beautiful
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Summary: It's not a glamorisation, actor says about his controversial new role
Older and somewhat wiser, they question each other's account of events, turning this entertaining thriller into a commentary on the glamorisation of on-screen violence and crime, proving there is no 'victimless crime'.
Layton said it is the opposite of the glamorisation of crime, adding: "What you see is the raw brutal reality of what that would feel like.
"We are seeing the glamorisation of violence, we are seeing social media being used to taunt other gangs, to bring violence about very quickly."
Allegations of historical inaccuracy, character stereotypes and the glamorisation of a drug-fuelled past have long plagued the critically-acclaimed Netflix hit series Narcos in Colombia.
Of Mackenzie, O'Connell said: "I just needed to work out that his incentives were pure and clean, that there wasn't any potential glamorisation of this particular world.
The commercialisation or rather glamorisation of being in a relationship or how to get into a relationship has been imposed on both sexes with the view to eliminate any or all traces of original thought or behaviour and to replace it with a cognitive setup that can easily be manipulated through magazines like Men's Health or FHM, which rarely assist him in dealing with the complexity of this perilous journey.
The modern glamorisation of the medical profession has seen a television series character inspire a new generation of 'wannabe' neurosurgeons.
May contain graphic violence, including "violence towards defenseless people" and "multiple, motiveless killing", vulgar language, strong sexual content, gambling, drug use (glamorisation), or discrimination." On the other hand, the ESRB Rated M games are a touch milder in content.
The discipline, dedication and training required to reach the highest standards of the sport are also emphasised, making it a book about surfing and life rather than a glamorisation of a superficially appealing lifestyle.