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also glam·our·ous  (glăm′ər-əs)
Full of or characterized by glamour.

glam′or·ous·ly adv.


(ˈɡlæmərəs) or


1. possessing glamour; alluring and fascinating: a glamorous career.
2. beautiful and smart, esp in a showy way: a glamorous woman.
ˈglamorously, ˈglamourously adv
ˈglamorousness, ˈglamourousness n


or glam•our•ous

(ˈglæm ər əs)

1. full of glamour; fascinatingly attractive; alluring.
2. full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity: to have a glamorous job.
glam′or•ous•ly, adv.
glam′or•ous•ness, n.
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Adj.1.glamorous - having an air of allure, romance and excitement; "glamorous movie stars"
exciting - creating or arousing excitement; "an exciting account of her trip"


1. attractive, beautiful, lovely, charming, entrancing, elegant, dazzling, enchanting, captivating, alluring, bewitching some of the world's most beautiful and glamorous women
attractive plain, dull, unattractive, colourless, unglamorous
2. exciting, glittering, prestigious, glossy, glitzy (slang) his glamorous playboy lifestyle
exciting dull, unglamorous, unexciting


also glamourous
رائِع، فاتِن، ساحِرفَاتِن
töfrandi, sveipaîur dÿrîarljóma
quyến rũ


[ˈglæmərəs] ADJ [person, dress] → atractivo y sofisticado, glamo(u)roso; [job] → con mucho glamour, rodeado de gloria or grandeza; [life] → sofisticado; [place, gathering] → elegante, sofisticado


[ˈglæmərəs] adj
[person] → séduisant(e), chic inv
She's very glamorous → Elle est très chic., Elle est très séduisante.
(= exciting) → palpitant(e)
to have a glamorous lifestyle → avoir une vie de star


adj (= attractive) person, job, lifeglamourös; place, clothesmondän, schick; occasionglanzvoll; there’s nothing glamorous about the jobder Job ist überhaupt nicht reizvoll


glamourous [ˈglæmərəs] adj (gen) → favoloso/a; (person) → affascinante; (occasion) → brillante, elegante


(ˈglӕmə) (American) glamor noun
1. the often false or superficial beauty or charm which attracts. the glamour of a career in films.
2. great beauty or charm, achieved with the aid of make-up, beautiful clothes etc. the glamour of film stars.
ˈglamorize, ˈglamorise verb
to make glamorous. This film attempts to glamorize war.
ˈglamorous adjective
having glamour.
ˈglamorously adverb

glamour, noun, ends in -our.
glamorous, adjective is spelt with -or-.


فَاتِن okouzlující glamourøs glamourös σαγηνευτικός glamuroso loistokas glamour glamurozan affascinante 魅力的な 매혹적인 aantrekkelijk strålende czarujący glamoroso, glamouroso эффектный glamorös ซึ่งมีเสน่ห์ göz kamaştırıcı quyến rũ 富有魅力的
References in classic literature ?
Frankly abandoning in the main the world of reality, they carry into that of idealized and glamorous fancy the chief interests of the medieval lords and ladies, namely, knightly exploits in war, and lovemaking.
But there is enough of the woman in my nature to free my judgment of women from glamorous reticency.
THE most glamorous decade in history was the 1950s, according to a new poll.
HOLLYOAKS actress Jennifer Metcalfe always looks drop dead gorgeous and is famous for her glamorous looks, but the star proved she's not shy of getting her hands dirty.
HIGHROLLER Stylist Kerry works on celeb-inspired style for Jacqueline JACQUELINE COMPANY secretary Jacqueline, from Motherwell, loves a glamorous look and is a regular client at the Rainbow Room International salon in Uddingston.
The glamorous st ar – made a Dame in last week's New Year's Honours – is 81 and says she now struggles to find work.
He said we got into another era where it becomes the kind of glamorous it can be to fire guns and blow up buildings and stuff like that, but when he was young he wanted to see films that somehow reflected his world or the world as he understands it.
It's really important because looking glamorous and looking sexy comes also from the inside.
A boss at the BBC once told me that I was too glamorous and pointed to my high-heeled boots.
Summary: Nayomi is not only a respected brand in the world of glamorous nightwear and lingerie but also in the world of fragrance and beauty; boasting several iconic fragrances such as Gazal and Najma, which are much loved by thousands of women in the Middle East.
com)-- Glamorous, a leading provider of contemporary women's clothing online, announce the launch of their new Sport Luxe range.
After a rocky year of celeb spats, divorce and a recent reported break-in at her glamorous home , the Lebanese sex-pot couldn't wait to wave goodbye to her 47-year-old troubles and say hello to a new age.