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also glam·our·ous  (glăm′ər-əs)
Full of or characterized by glamour.

glam′or·ous·ly adv.
بِرَوْعَه، بِسِحْر
á heillandi hátt
büyüleyici bir şekilde


advglamourös; a glamorously exciting lifeein fabelhaft aufregendes Leben


(ˈglӕmə) (American) glamor noun
1. the often false or superficial beauty or charm which attracts. the glamour of a career in films.
2. great beauty or charm, achieved with the aid of make-up, beautiful clothes etc. the glamour of film stars.
ˈglamorize, ˈglamorise verb
to make glamorous. This film attempts to glamorize war.
ˈglamorous adjective
having glamour.
ˈglamorously adverb

glamour, noun, ends in -our.
glamorous, adjective is spelt with -or-.
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As Arab women are glamorously taking over the mainstream with their fearless styles and forward-thinking business ideas, they are becoming a power to be reckoned with.
The ground floor now features bespoke metal, wood and lighting installations combined with luxurious furnishings to create the ultimate chic industrial environment whilst the upstairs has been glamorously restyled and fitted with one of the best sound systems currently on the market - ready to host our weekly cabaret and club nights.
Lopez, who will reportedly haul in more than $25 million for her residency at the Axis at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas this year, maintains a heavy-hitting collection of homes on both coasts, including a glamorously dressed 17,000-square-foot mansion in L.
Huawei has designed the GR3 with a superior aesthetic touch and make it elegant and glamorously stylish.
After the Revolution, Poddubniy has the opportunity to live glamorously in the West, but instead he chooses to return to his homeland, not to the big city but to his little village by the seaside with the woman he adores.
As a child, tucking into candy floss followed by toffee apples and Coca Cola as the waves lapped at my feet and my mother, with the other glamorously dressed mothers, keeping an eye on me, I believed I was being brought up in America.
Stephen came to see the show towards the end of the run in London and, rather glamorously, brought Carrie Fisher with him.
The set list can include strutting Vegas showgirls in all their finery, a tutu too funny take on Russia's Bolshoi Ballet, going nuts on Brazil's Copacabana beach, a Roaring (with laughter) Twenties tribute to America's Great Gatsby and international intrigue thanks to a James Bond finale, featuring a giant martini glass glamorously garnished by a splashing Bond Girl.
The student's masterpieces were scattered around the "Toktok" to gain as much attention as possible as they were glamorously designed.
Although those works come eight inches or so off the wall, and show qualities of layering, depth, and transparency impossible in pigment on canvas, they ultimately fall into an at this point long tradition of painting without painting, making me think, for example, of Marcel Broodthaers's panels of eggs, or of the many media of Joe Zucker, or of El Anatsui's glamorously shimmering tapestries of liquor-bottle caps.
fame, sweeps glamorously and controversially into Washington as the Republican Congresswoman from Fairfield, Connecticut.
Her blog is now a popular destination for the glamorously fit, fashionably chic, and health-conscious moms.