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Noun1.glamourisation - the act of glamorizing; making something or someone more beautiful (often in a superficial way)
beautification - the act of making something more beautiful
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The work comments on the glamourisation of mining while its ugly consequences and the grim lives of the miners are ignored.
Sometimes there are myths and a glamourisation of the gun, knife and gang culture.
Music contributes to the glamourisation of the Thatcher years and its side effect of juvenile violence by means of igniting what Tulving termed the "episodic memory" (1985), by which he referred to the subjective record of events surrounding personal experiences.
I suppose raising awareness of Flanagan glamourising cigarettes made a change from mass media's glamourisation of Flanagan's cleavage, but still So that's five PR accounts from the past 12 months that would give narcoleptics sleepless nights.