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also glam·or·puss  (glăm′ər-po͝os′)
n. Slang
A highly stylish person who maintains a glamorous appearance or lifestyle.

[Probably glamour + puss.]
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a glamorous person, esp a woman
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MAE'N draddodiad cael gwynt a glaw yn ystod yr Eisteddfod - diolch byth felly am Maggi Noggi y glamourpuss o Ynys Mon sy'n dod ac ychydig o heulwen, lliw a glitter ble bynnag mae hi'n mynd.
OLD glamourpuss The Ritz Hotel is still living the high life at the grand old age of 113.
"I'm a schizophrenic mix of wannabe glamourpuss and absolute slob, and my style is very much magistrate-meetsbarmaid" - Comedienne Jenny Eclair.
They are almost upstaged by Arianda as Stan's wife, a Russian glamourpuss of few words - most of them biting - who stands defiantly by her man, especially for a photo opportunity.
The glamourpuss got to wear and model a range of stunning outfits from House of Fraser at the glittering Breast Cancer Care Scotland fashion show spectacular - helping to raise more than PS155,000 for the charity.
Village glamourpuss Carly Hope is jealous when her mate Tracy bags a hot date with Duncan.
Sarah Weeks' GLAMOURPUSS (9780545609548, $16.99) tells of a glamour cat who loves to strike a pose to become the center of attention-until an unwelcome interloper steals her thunder.
Can't wait to see glamourpuss Kim Kardashian stomping about in her wellies...
Monaghan); East End crooks Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer (Benjamin Yates and Dawn Williams); and Scherzinger's onetime glamourpuss, Grizabella, once a star, now hanging out by the bins at Tottenham Court Road.
But it is hardly surprising that fashion brands are quick to sign her when she looks so good and has such an ability to switch from ghetto fabulous to glamourpuss in minutes.