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n. Informal
Camping in glamorous or luxurious conditions: "All rhetoric aside, while there's probably no Boy Scout badge for glamping, we'll take our solar powered rooftop abodes over an archaic tent any day" (Dallon Adams).

[Blend of glamorous and camping (see camp).]


a form of camping in which participants enjoy physical comforts associated with more luxurious types of holiday
[C21: blend of glamorous + camping]
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Simon, of Glasgow, said: "I'm not keen on the discomfort of more traditional 'roughing it' camping but I really did enjoy glamping.
Station House could also be a great fit for buyers into glamping.
Across Scotland, couples and families are choosing to spend their precious weekends and time off on glamping holidays.
FACTFILE | STACEY BARNFIELD went glamping as a guest of Warwick Castle.
Co-Founder and CEO David Troya says “Glamping Hub's catalog of glamping sites has been informing and guiding holidaymakers since early 2011.
Just what Baden Powell would think of glamping is hard to imagine.
Glamping, or upmarket camping, is certainly experiencing a boom, becoming more wide spread and more varied.
It's glamping Henry VIII-style, with solid oak four-poster beds, embroidered tapestries and all the mod cons of 21st century bathrooms.
Glamping (or glamorous camping) is a way of experiencing the positive aspects of camping without the "uncomfortable" bits.
And that mission was to establish and build a successful glamping business within the 28 acres of their new home's grounds in order to pay for a programme of restoration works of the Felin Geri mill.
Walking through the gates to the Explorer camp, it's clear this is glamping with a capital G.
The plan, for the big birthday bonanza, was to have a mini soiree at my mum's, stay with my aunt, and then have a night at the glamping site that we've fallen in love with.