glance off

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يَصْطَدِم ويَطير بِسُرْعَه
odrazit se
glide af på
strjúkast viî
çarpıp sekmek

w>glance off

vi (→ von) (bullet etc)abprallen; (sword)abgleiten; (light)reflektiert werden
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(glaːns) verb
to look very quickly. He glanced at the book; He glanced over the accounts.
a brief or quick look. I had a glance at the books last night.
ˈglancing adjective
which hits and glances off. a glancing blow.
at a glance
at once. I could tell at a glance that something was wrong.
glance off
to hit and bounce off to one side. The ball glanced off the edge of his bat.
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References in classic literature ?
You are the only person that reaps the advantages of them without incurring the trouble, -- you, who are really more one of Madame's maids of honor than I am, because Madame makes her affection for your father-in-law glance off upon you; so that you enter this dull house as the birds fly into yonder court, inhaling the air, pecking the flowers, picking up the grain, without having the least service to perform, or the least annoyance to undergo.
As black beans or pulse come pattering down on to a threshing-floor from the broad winnowing-shovel, blown by shrill winds and shaken by the shovel--even so did the arrow glance off and recoil from the shield of Menelaus, who in his turn wounded the hand with which Helenus carried his bow; the spear went right through his hand and stuck in the bow itself, so that to his life he retreated under cover of his men, with his hand dragging by his side--for the spear weighed it down till Agenor drew it out and bound the hand carefully up in a woollen sling which his esquire had with him.
And there was an old gentleman who shall be nameless, being too rich a mynheer to be lightly mentioned, who, in the battle of White Plains, being an excellent master of defence, parried a musket-ball with a small-sword, insomuch that he absolutely felt it whiz round the blade, and glance off at the hilt; in proof of which he was ready at any time to show the sword, with the hilt a little bent.
England's all-time leading Test run scorer got off the mark with an offside push first ball before reaching the boundary with a powerful legside glance off former international foe Fidel Edwards.
|CLOSE SHAVE: Jack Sampson - pictured heading home for Southport in their pre-season game against Bury - went closest to netting for the Sandgrounders yesterday but saw his first half shot glance off the Telford crossbar LEWIS STOREY