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a. Of, relating to, affecting, or resembling a gland or its secretion.
b. Functioning as a gland.
2. Having glands.
3. Resulting from the abnormal function of glands or a gland.
a. Innate; visceral: has a glandular aversion to materialistic values.
b. Carnal; sensual.

[French glandulaire, from glandule, small gland, from Latin glandula; see gland1.]

glan′du·lar·ly adv.


(ˈɡlændjʊlə) or


(Anatomy) of, relating to, containing, functioning as, or affecting a gland: glandular tissue.
[C18: from Latin glandula, literally: a little acorn; see glanders]
ˈglandularly, ˈglandulously adv


(ˈglæn dʒə lər)

1. consisting of, containing, or bearing glands.
2. of, pertaining to, or resembling a gland: a glandular disorder.
3. visceral; instinctive.
[1730–40; glandule gland (now obsolete) (< Latin glandula; see gland1, -ule) + -ar1]
glan′du•lar•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.glandular - relating to or affecting or functioning as a gland; "glandular malfunctions"
غُدّي، مُتَعلِّق بالغُدد
salgıbezlerine ait


A. ADJglandular
B. CPD glandular fever Nmononucleosis f infecciosa


adj glandular feverDrüsenfieber nt


[ˈglændjʊləʳ] adjghiandolare


(glӕnd) noun
a part of the body that takes substances from the blood and stores them for use or in order that the body may get rid of them. a sweat gland; He has swollen glands in his neck.
ˈglandular (-djulə) , ((American) -dʒulər) adjective
of the glands. glandular fever.


a. 1. glandular, rel. a una glándula 2. rel. a un ganglio.
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Glandular trichomes are plant structures that inhibit or entrap arthropods, protecting plants against herbivores, potentially at the cost of reducing natural enemy efficacy.
Numerous sticky plants have glandular trichomes (GTs) that secrete viscous-adhesive fluids to entrap insects and other arthropods (Wheeler & Krimmel, 2015).
Some natural health products contain glandular ingredients, and many doctors have used glandulars for years with great success.
Gynecomastia is the benign enlargement of the male breast glandular tissue due to ductal proliferation and is the most common disease of male breasts (1).
The 40-year-old World Cup winner was gang-tackled by a triple whammy of a deadly heart condition, blood poisoning - and glandular fever.
Dense breast tissue means a woman has more glandular tissue compared to fatty tissue.
The differential diagnosis of glandular tumors of the urachus and urinary bladder is broad and includes both primary tumors and those demonstrating secondary involvement via either direct extension or metastasis (Table 1).
Table 1: Kajava Classification Class I consists of a complete breast including glandular tissue, nipple, and areola.
Some natural health products contain glandular ingredients and many doctors have used glandulars for years with great success.
Trichomes are widely distributed over the different parts of the Lamiaceae genus and they are generally distinguished as glandular and non-glandular trichomes.
WALES have returned David Brooks to the Under-21 squad after the exciting Sheffield United forward's progress was slowed by a bout of glandular fever.
ARAGING sore throat and headache, soaring temperature, and horrible tiredness you just can't shake - if it's not the self-inflicted 'symptoms' of a hangover, it may well be that you've caught glandular fever.

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