glass eel

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glass eel

An eel in its transparent, postlarval stage.
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(ˈɛl vər)

a young eel, esp. one migrating up a stream from the ocean.
[1630–40; variant of ellfare, literally, eel-journey. See eel, fare]
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Eel, Anguilla, glass eel, bootlace, restocking, stocking, fishery, technical development, natural resources, international cooperation, development and protection, enhancement and recovery.
The overfishing of glass eel, along with environmental pollution and other human activities, have all contributed to a significant decline in eel numbers over the last two decades (Nielsen & Prouzet, 2008).
(2009) the growth and mortality of European glass eel Anguilla anguilla 192 days after marking with oxytetracycline and alizarin red S were not significantly different between the two treatments and not different to the unmarked A.
For example, a possible relationship between glass eel abundance and freshwater inflows is mentioned repeatedly: as a sidebar, in the section on environmental effects on larval supply, as illustration of potential effects of climate change via changes in precipitation, and briefly in the eel species account.
At the same time the underlying causes of the sectors' crisis are viewed under the lens of metabolic rift theory applied to shrimp farming, glass eel trade, and tuna fishing and farming for sushi.
Canada also has an active eel farming industry that includes several glass eel fisheries.
But shorter glass eels were older than longer glass eels, as judged by age within the glass eel growth zone of the otolith, suggesting that smaller fish took longer to arrive.
During the two research cruises, we collected 67 leptocephali and one glass eel (the transparent early juvenile stage of eels) of the genus Anguilla (15 leptocephali from the Hakuho Maru cruise and 53 from the Baruna Jaya VII cruise, which included the glass eel).