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or glass blowing  (glăs′blō′ĭng)
The art or process of shaping an object from molten glass by blowing air into it through a tube.

glass′blow′er, glass blower n.
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Noun1.glassblower - someone skilled in blowing bottles from molten glassglassblower - someone skilled in blowing bottles from molten glass
artisan, journeyman, artificer, craftsman - a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
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[ˈglɑːsˌbləʊəʳ] Nsoplador m de vidrio
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In fact, Thomley spent years creating a series of glass lung sculptures with fellow glassblower Daniel Bell, chronicling his experience with cystic fibrosis, and that inspired a documentary called "Anthem."
This Woodbury decanter by Simon Pearce ($185) is hand-blown, with contemporary angles that showcase the brilliant clarity of the contents along with the skill of the glassblower. PECKY, 100 Central Ave., #1026, Sarasota, (941) 957-0300
HUNCHED and shrivelled, Afghan glassblower Ghulam Sakhi deftly blows and twirls molten glass into delicate blue and green goblets and vases - a craft passed down for generations but now at risk of dying out.
It is a throwback to when bottles were handblown and the glassblower would create the indentation for stability.
DID you know Newcastle University had a head glassblower? Robyn Hare has the unique job of being the university's glassblowing supervisor.
German glassblower FA Muller produced the first commercial contact lenses in 1887.
Lissa Piner is a strong-willed redhead and a talented glassblower. Her skills earn her a commission to design chandeliers for a string of luxury hotels in Italy, but her true purpose is much darker, for she has a mission to avenge a terrible wrong.
But while his students have no trouble getting entry-level jobs at companies like Chemglass Life Sciences, a glass manufacturer, and General Electric Global Research, rarely are universities willing to budget the overhead costs for more than one glassblower, if any.
Bay has been fascinated by glassblowing since he was about 12, when he would watch a glassblower work in his booth near other souvenir stores in the Ports O'Call marketplace in San Pedro.
Tevis also profiles mill workers, an auctioneer, a glassblower, Liberace, and a South Carolina blade sharpener.
Finalists for the Costa Short Story Award 2014 include: Irish author Paula Cunningham for The Matchboy; London-based writer Zoe Gilbert for Fishskin, Hareskin; Jane Healey for The Liontamer's Husband; Joanne Meek for Jellyfish; Mark Newman for Rosa and Thirkel; and Lucy Ribchester for The Glassblower's Daughter.