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adj. glass·i·er, glass·i·est
1. Characteristic of or resembling glass.
2. Lifeless; expressionless: "the face changing to a demon's face with a fixed glassy grin" (Katherine Anne Porter).

glass′i·ly adv.
glass′i·ness n.
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He stared glassily for a moment, but gave a slight convulsive start when he discerned that she was neither new, Parisian, nor theatrical.
The fighters hold up the severed skulls, the faces gazing glassily at the camera, and place them faceup on the decapitated workers' backs.
It included Taliban, an image of a dead soldier lying shoeless in a ditch, shot from a high angle above so that the body appears weirdly to be floating above the viewer, looking down, eyes glassily open.
But he elaborates a full sense of the "glassily transparent cold" that pervades his life, and his words cast such a spell that the walls of the small room, seemingly haunted, squeeze in on their new tenant.
A good technician can get nails looking glassily smooth as if they had a coating of clear varnish.