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A nearly transparent, resilient glazed paper resistant to the passage of air and grease.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a glazed translucent paper used for book jackets



a strong, thin, glazed semitransparent paper, often made into small bags, used for packaging.
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1) 1,500,000 each, 7" x 12", 4 mil, polyester clear over laminate film with permanent adhesive and 54# glassine lay-flat liner (translucent) with three (3) kiss cuts in liner, perforation 1" from bottom, 1" x 12" hologram feature across top, as per the accompanying specifications; 2) 1,000,000 each, 1" x 10", 3 mil, polyester clear over laminate film with permanent adhesive and 75# glassine lay-flat liner (no greater than 92#) (translucent) butt cut with 500 per roll on 3" core, as per the accompanying specifications; 3) 200,000 each, 4.
Glassine, Azure Laid and Chromo are all types of what?
In standard products, the backing is made of glassine paper, and after the labeling process, it becomes garbage.
Meanwhile, the varnish coating of 207 Russian lacquerwares had moistened due to humidity in the storage room, resulting in stuck lids and difficulty in replacing the glassine paper.
Glatfelter (NYSE:GLT) reported on Monday that it will complete a three-year targeted investment programme in 2017 at its Ober-Schmitten facility, to upgrade production capabilities and meet market requirements for the electrical and glassine paper markets.
Cielo e Terra also participates in UPM Raflatac's RafCycle program, where the discarded glassine backing paper from the label application process is collected and recycled into new paper at UPM Raflatac's specialist Plattling mill in Germany.
The opacity and gestural linearity of the transfers contrasts with the glassine and translucent purity of the porcelain.
Based on Grade, the market is segregated into Solid Bleached Sulphate Board, White Lined Chipboard, Coated Unbleached Kraft Board, Folding Boxboard, Glassine & Greaseproof and Label Paper.
The label faces are recyclable with plastic packaging, and the paper glassine liners are recyclable through UPM Raflatac's RafCycle program.
Primarily release liners are made up from glassine or super calendered kraft paper.
It is not, for example, uncommon for losses to occur due to the use of newspaper and other packing materials that react with the artwork instead of much safer options, such as glassine paper.