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v. gleaned, glean·ing, gleans
To gather grain or other produce left behind in a field after harvest.
a. To gather (grain or other produce) left behind after harvest.
b. To gather grain or other produce left behind in (a field).
2. To collect bit by bit: "records from which historians glean their knowledge" (Kemp Malone). See Synonyms at reap.

[Middle English glenen, from Old French glener, from Late Latin glennāre, probably of Celtic origin.]

glean′er n.
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Then my daughter and I do some gleaning at harvest-time, and in winter we pick up firewood.
Was not the gleaning of the grapes of Ephraim better than the vintage of Abi-ezer?
The simple admirer of the war-horse instantly fell back to a low, gaunt, switch-tailed mare, that was unconsciously gleaning the faded herbage of the camp nigh by; where, leaning with one elbow on the blanket that concealed an apology for a saddle, he became a spectator of the departure, while a foal was quietly making its morning repast, on the opposite side of the same animal.
The ex-Scythe candidate, Rowan, has gone rogue, gleaning too-bloodthirsty Scythes in the guise of his new persona, the black-robed Lucifer.
The team collected PS500-worth of raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, carrots, beetroot, broad beans and rhubarb in a tradition called 'gleaning.' .' Gleaning is an age-old European tradition from the Middle Ages where land-owners would invite the poor on to their land to gather the fruit that had been left unharvested.
THE CALL, LAST-MINUTE AND TANTALIZING, was one that could have frustrated gleaning coordinators.
Cohen helps run Small Potatoes Gleaning, a volunteer organization that provides leftover produce to people who are struggling to afford food on their own.
Few people however understand the beauty and usefulness of a true life of gleaning and sorting through the refuse left behind by others to find food art building materials furniture and treasures of all sorts and value.
Metro area gleaning cooperation is "putting it all together" in a four-county area of Oregon.
Trust is hard to come by when it comes to gleaning information off the Internet, according to a recent survey of educators.
Where Pope Benedict XVI in the article uses community in the context of denouncing individualism, Father Novecosky speaks of "community" as a means of gleaning individual power under the title "God's people."
Their cracked hands fill aprons with fistfuls of grain dropped in reckless haste by landlords and hired hands--well-fed husbands with wives who might too soon be widows gleaning the remnant fruits of every harvest.