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Full of jubilant delight; joyful.

glee′ful·ly adv.
glee′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.gleefulness - great merrimentgleefulness - great merriment      
gaiety, merriment - a gay feeling


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As a woman, I interpret the women's gleefulness as a way to repress pain, darkness, and a growing awareness that no one will believe them no matter what they do.
Compounding this is the fact that--despite the air of gleefulness conjured by The Doc's love of disco--his experiments on Brooke are presented as extremely unpleasant.
In spite of their bright, arcade-game gleefulness, Palladino's works are disturbed by undertones of violence.
The compulsory gleefulness of these disruptions compromises and even contradicts the serious tone of his work and even changes its message.
Anglicanism, it thinks it can win errant sheep back to the fold with entertainment, comfy chairs, informality and glued-on gleefulness at our wondrous world.