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Full of jubilant delight; joyful.

glee′ful·ly adv.
glee′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.gleefulness - great merrimentgleefulness - great merriment      
gaiety, merriment - a gay feeling


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The intensity and gleefulness of it is equally unfair," he said.
As a woman, I interpret the women's gleefulness as a way to repress pain, darkness, and a growing awareness that no one will believe them no matter what they do.
It's almost as though someone has ringfenced the film's action sequences, saying, 'No, this bit's too expensive for you to joke about--put 'em somewhere else.' Compounding this is the fact that--despite the air of gleefulness conjured by The Doc's love of disco--his experiments on Brooke are presented as extremely unpleasant.
In spite of their bright, arcade-game gleefulness, Palladino's works are disturbed by undertones of violence.
Grene notes a "cartoon-like gleefulness" and a "grotesque excess in the language that actually reduces its shock value by taking it out of the realm of the real" towards the overall end of "demythologizing Ireland" (46, 45).