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 (no͝o-rŏg′lē-ə, nyo͝o-, no͝or′ə-glē′ə, -glī′-, nyo͝or′-)
The supportive tissue of the nervous system, including the network of branched cells in the central nervous system (astrocytes, microglia, and oligodendrocytes) and the supporting cells of the peripheral nervous system (Schwann cells and satellite cells). Also called glia.

[neuro- + Medieval Greek glia, glue; see zoogloea.]

neu·rog′li·al adj.
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(Anatomy) another name for glia
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(nʊˈrɒg li ə, nyʊ-)

a class of cells in the brain and spinal cord that form a supporting and insulating structure for the neurons.
[1870–75; neuro- + Late Greek glía glue]
neu•rog′li•al, adj.
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Cells in nerve tissue that support the cells that convey nerve impulses.
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Noun1.neuroglia - sustentacular tissue that surrounds and supports neurons in the central nervous system; glial and neural cells together compose the tissue of the central nervous system
interstitial tissue - tissue between the cells of a structure or part in plant or animal
glial cell, neurogliacyte, neuroglial cell - a cell of the neuroglia
astroglia, macroglia - tissue consisting of large stellate neuroglial cells
microglia - neuroglial tissue of mesodermal origin that can become phagocytic
oligodendria, oligodendroglia - tissue consisting of glial cells with sheetlike processes that form the myelin sheath of nerve fibers
central nervous system, CNS, systema nervosum centrale - the portion of the vertebrate nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord
glioma - a tumor of the brain consisting of neuroglia
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It is made up of glia cells with multiple long protrusions, which collectively make up a mesh-like organ within the skin.
It is comprised of glia cells with multiple long protrusions and which collectively go to make up a mesh-like organ within the skin.
While glial cells help develop and protect neuron function, too many glia cells disturb connectivity between neurons.
Neural progenitor cells: Cells that can be differentiated into neurons or glia cells (astrocytes, oligodendrocytes).
The team did so by changing Muller glia cells in the retina into rod photoreceptors.
The zebrafish has the advantage here because the Mller glia cells in its eyes that normally don't respond to light can actually transform into photoreceptors when they are needed.
GFAP can be used to mark the post trauma changes of colloid cell, and normally GFAP is under the dynamic adjustment of glia cells (Zhang et al., 2004).
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But how is this production of neurons and glia cells controlled?
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Sig-1Rs also regulate the oxidative stress system in the retinal glia cells via the Nrf2- (nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2-) dependent system [36].