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I guarded her from the lot of them, and then a glib-tongued scoundrel comes along, and pooh!
Ten steps would have taken Hurree into the creaking gloom utterly beyond their reach - to the shelter and food of the nearest village, where glib-tongued doctors were scarce.
What was Aquino but another glib-tongued, ambitious politician, except that he was young and certainly a far better speaker?
This has nothing to do with sophistry or being glib-tongued. Great communicators earn respect, not by the quantum or floweriness of their words but by the passion and the sincerity in which they are spoken.
On the other hand, those adamant against candidates debating insist that talk is cheap, that those who are seen as winners are merely the glib-tongued, and that the best way to size up candidates is to examine their track record.
Our government economic managers must conduct due diligence and not be duped into swallowing hook, line and sinker the sweeteners and baits from glib-tongued foreign brokers in collusion with local gullible counterparts, at least in the past administration, who were more after making fast-bucks than achieving effective performance.
Pakistan, however, did embarrass itself through loose talk and some glib-tongued officials.
The handsome booths-that look not unlike spacious 'his and hers' outhouses- were built at a cost to taxpayers of $100,000 by a contractor hired by Idaho developer Mark Rivers-the elegant, glib-tongued poet that Mayor Paul Dyster selected to develop the event in late 2011.