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(ˈɡlaɪdˌpɑːθ) or

glide slope

(Aeronautics) the approach path of an aircraft when landing, usually defined by a radar beam


(ˈglaɪdˌpæθ, -ˌpɑθ)

n., pl. -paths (-ˌpæðz, -ˌpɑðz, -ˌpæθs, -ˌpɑθs)
the course followed by an aircraft or spacecraft when descending for a landing.
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The acquisition was made by GlidePath Power Solutions LLC, a Quinbrook portfolio company acquired by the Quinbrook Low Carbon Power Fund in 2017.
Tenders are invited for Relocation of localizer and glidepath building at s.
The AC lists seven criteria for a stabilized approach that I've interpreted for our purposes: 1) You're staying on the correct glidepath with only minor corrections.
This will include a new glidepath and antenna system, localizer and low-power DME, plus new fibreglass equipment shelters.
Differing from target date strategies that typically offer a glidepath that automatically reallocates assets to a more conservative profile as the target retirement date approaches, the Columbia Threadneedle solution maintains a diversified risk allocation throughout the lifecycle, reducing aggressiveness along the glidepath without sacrificing asset class diversification.
You have probably noticed that when discussing a glidepath to a runway, the value most often used to describe it is three degrees.
EU envoys backed a proposal by Slovakia, which holds the rotating EU presidency, to set a glidepath for wholesale roaming data charges that will see them capped at 1 euro cent per megabyte — e1/410 per gigabyte — in June and decreasing to e1/40.
EDF Renewable Energy acquired 100% interest in the project late in the first quarter of 2015 from Chicago-based GlidePath Power; construction commenced in June 2015.
They have signed up through private exchanges with iSelect and GlidePath.
One-third (33 percent) implement LDI via an overlay of treasury strips and swaps and 31 percent have a glidepath with automatic triggers.
What has failed to draw the same level of attention are the assumptions embedded in the creation of that glidepath and funds: a host of accumulation and/or participant savings assumptions and rate of return projections.