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intr.v. glis·tered, glis·ter·ing, glis·ters
To glisten.
Glitter; brilliance.

[Middle English glisteren, probably from Middle Dutch glinsteren or Middle Low German glisteren; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.glistering - having brief brilliant points or flashes of lightglistering - having brief brilliant points or flashes of light; "bugle beads all aglitter"; "glinting eyes"; "glinting water"; "his glittering eyes were cold and malevolent"; "shop window full of glittering Christmas trees"; "glittery costume jewelry"; "scintillant mica"; "the scintillating stars"; "a dress with sparkly sequins"; "`glistering' is an archaic term"
bright - emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts; "the sun was bright and hot"; "a bright sunlit room"
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For they marvel that any man be so foolish as to have delight and pleasure in the glistering of a little trifling stone, which may behold any of the stars, or else the sun itself; or that any man is so mad as to count himself the nobler for the smaller or finer thread of wool, which self-same wool (be it now in never so fine a spun thread) did once a sheep wear, and yet was she all that time no other thing than a sheep."
He is not fool enough even to hope for one of those glistering masterpieces of frosted sugar and silk flowers, which rise to pinnacles of snowy sweetness, white mountains of blessedness, rich inside, they say, with untold treasures for the tooth that is sweet.
Her hair did shine like glistering gold, and her eyes were like blue violets that peep out shyly at the sun.
As when a Scout Through dark and desart wayes with peril gone All night; at last by break of chearful dawne Obtains the brow of some high-climbing Hill, Which to his eye discovers unaware The goodly prospect of some forein land First-seen, or some renownd Metropolis With glistering Spires and Pinnacles adornd, Which now the Rising Sun guilds with his beams.
Located on one of Bodrum's most idyllic marina, welcoming yachts and boats to a white sand beach and a glistering blue horizon, Caresse Resort & Spa is the perfect setting for Buddha Bar Beach's 10th international location.