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 (glĭts) Informal
Ostentatious showiness; flashiness: "a garish barrage of show-biz glitz" (Peter G. Davis).
tr.v. glitzed, glitz·ing, glitz·es
To invest with an ostentatiously showy quality: "have started to glitz up their shows with filmed backdrops" (Bill Barol).

[Back-formation from glitzy, flashy, showy, probably from German glitzern, to glitter, from Middle High German glitzen, to shine, from Old High German glīzan; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]

glitz′i·ness n.
glitz′y adj.
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the state or quality of being glitzy
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In fact, at times it seemed desperate for a bushel to hide it under, such was the glitziness of its other models and the dourness of its compact MPV.
If that sounds like too simplistic a premise for a 118-minute feature, the result is sufficiently sprawling and bold to propel the viewer's attention forward, guided in part by the glitziness of the L.A.
Famed NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw caused a stir last year when he hit out against the growing glitziness of the dinner and declined his invitation this year.
Then, unexpectedly, something else breaks through the monotony of glitziness: We see the same party, apparently, but now the viewer is transferred into the middle of the crowd that presses through the streets of Blackpool among pubs and bars in a scene shot by Konnemann herself.
The difference with the Habanos event is its glitziness. ProCigar is geared more toward Dominican cigar industry insiders, with attendees focusing on the smokes themselves.
The Moving Earth moves at a brisk pace that maintains the viewer's attention and its fluid integration of graphics, reenactments, and interviews avoids the commercialized glitziness of The History Channel.
From the glitziness of the Beijing Olympics to the extravaganzas of contemporary rock and country music concerts, we live in a Day-Glo world.