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1. A national geopolitical policy in which the entire world is regarded as the appropriate sphere for a state's influence.
2. The development of social, cultural, technological, or economic networks that transcend national boundaries; globalization.

glob′al·ist n.
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a policy that is worldwide in scope
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(ˈgloʊ bəˌlɪz əm)

the policy or doctrine of involving one's country in international affairs, alliances, etc.
[1940–45, Amer.]
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Among the alleged evils of this Trump policy, the CFR minions claim, will be a reduced ability of the "United States" (read: the globalists at the CFR) to "shape global rules." Why Americans or anyone else should want "global rules" as opposed to self-government, diversity, tax competition, and national independence was never made clear.
In his article "Creating a New World Order Out of Regional Orders" on page 21, Alex Newman makes crystal clear the Deep State globalists' game plan for establishing a global government.
globalists suddenly discovered that China's aggressive push for tech acquisitions represents an "existential threat" to the United States.
The pace of change was far too slow for globalists. And so, by importing millions of Muslims from Africa and the Middle East, globalists found a new battering ram to accelerate the obliteration of the West's Christian foundations.
If the globalists were genuine humanitarians and were not trying to submerge Western nations in the emerging global empire, they would work to have the refugees resettled much closer to home, where the costs of the humanitarian effort would be far less.
However, the large number of globalists appointed to key positions within the Trump administration makes it likely that Trump will not be leading the United States out of the UN anytime soon.
Aside from populism and the "post-truth" world, subjects listed on Bilderberg's website include the "inequality challenge," the "future of work," artificial intelligence, the United States before the midterm elections, free trade (which for globalists means undermining sovereignty using transnational governance), U.S.
Globalists and their cronies are squealing like stuck pigs because their hidden agenda is to promote a New World Order --world government--under the hidden agenda shield of trade agreements, and they are being unveiled and hopefully neutralized by a president elected by people who truly want to put America First.
Top globalists, communists, and Islamists from around the world gathered February 10-13 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for the World Government Summit to push for what they called a "new world order." More than a few speakers made clear that liberty, self-government, and the "America First" agenda were in the cross hairs.
The globalists who have infiltrated the government are seeking to pull us into a system that fails the populous, while the elite thrives.
Trump's inauguration a year ago, a war has raged within the White House between 'nationalists and globalists,'" writes Stewart M.
With the United Kingdom set to "Brexit" the European Union, globalists in Brussels are on the move to further centralize control: The EU has unveiled a formal plan to integrate the armed forces of its formerly sovereign member states into a full-blown EU military.