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Plural of glomus.
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Vasectomy can be done externally using standard surgical procedures in those species possessing seminal glomera. In this review, the surgical techniques used to perform vasectomy in birds and the implications and applications of each technique are discussed.
The latter is found most often in the deep dermis of the extremities, where it has a role in thermal regulation.[1] Although glomus tumors occur most frequently at these same sites, they are occasionally found in anatomic locations not typically associated with glomera, such as in the gastrointestinal, respiratory, and female genital tracts.[1,2] In the female reproductive tract, glomus tumors have been described in the external genitalia,[3-6] vagina[7,8] uterine cervix,[9] and myometrium.[10] To our knowledge, glomus tumors occurring in the ovary have not been reported previously.