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Formed into a compact rounded mass; tightly clustered; conglomerate.

[Latin glomerātus, past participle of glomerāre, to wind into a ball, from glomus, glomer-, ball.]


1. gathered into a compact rounded mass
2. wound up like a ball of thread
3. (Anatomy) anatomy (esp of glands) conglomerate in structure
[C18: from Latin glomerāre to wind into a ball, from glomus ball]


(ˈglɒm ər ɪt, -əˌreɪt)

compactly clustered.
[1785–95; < Latin glomerātus, past participle of glomerāre to form into a ball, derivative of glomus, s. glomer- ball-shaped mass]
glom`er•a′tion, n.
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GLOMERATE A Be miserable B Darkling C Gather into a ball who am I?
The bank has identified several intra-Africa trade champions it is assisting in terms of cross-border trade and investment: these include the Nigerian con- glomerate Dangote, the Tunisia-based Loukil group and the Egyptian cable makers Elsewedy.
The merits of this approach are being demonstrated by many brands such as global leaders Unilever, Ikea, Coca-Cola, IBM, Panasonic Microsoft and HSBC, as well as many UAE brands including Majid Al Futtaim -- a well-recognised con- glomerate working hard to reduce its own [carbon] footprint while supporting civil society.
is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American mass media con- glomerate News Corp.
Landmark Group, the region's leading retail and hospitality conA[degrees] glomerate, expanded its footprint in the sultanate by launching CenA[degrees] trepoint, Home Centre and Max stores at the newly opened Nizwa Grand Mall.
Global Renaissance LLC (GR) is an Omani con- glomerate which offers a host of world class products and professional services with multiple levels of dexterity and has established a name for itself in some of the key industrial sectors like oil and gas, power, healthcare etc.
Inflorescences in capitules or umbels with flowers gathered at the apex of the peduncle conferring a glomerate appearance, bracteates, solitary or axillary.
Smooth Clustered Sedge, Glomerate Sedge; Shrubby old-field; Common; C = 2; BSUH 18623.
Though it has none of the fairy tale-like attributes of Jobs' return to glory, the comeback fable penned last year by healthcare con glomerate Johnson & Johnson is nonetheless impressive, particularly in light of the company's recent series of costly missteps.
The Canadian Erie Islands continue to produce additions to the Ontario and Canadian flora, such as Glomerate Sedge (Carex aggregata) on Middle Island (Oldham and Crins 1988) and Rock Muhly (Muhlenbergia sobolifera) on Pelee Island (Oldham and others 1995).
Such inflorescences have been described as globose heads, subglobose or short to elongate capitate or glomerate spikes by some authors (Standley, 1917; Meats, 1977; Eliasson, 1987; Henrickson, 1987; Borsch, 200l).