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Adj.1.glomerular - of or relating to glomeruli
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, glomerulose
a. glomerular, rel. a un glomérulo; en forma de racimo;
___ cystquiste ___;
___ filtration rateíndice de filtración ___;
___ nephritisnefritis ___.
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Capitulescences monocephalous or few at the end of the branches, or laxly to densely corymbose, racemose to paniculate, rarely glomerulose or pseudocephalia.
Capitulescences monocephalous, corymbose, racemose, paniculate to glomerulose cymes; capitula pedunculate to subsessile, homogamous or less commonly heterogamous, discoid or disciform; receptacle epaleate; involucre multiseriate, occasionally the phyllaries decurrent onto the peduncle.
Capitulescences monocephalous, racemose, spicate, to glomerulose or pseudocephalium; capitula sessile to pedunculate, homogamous, discoid or radiate, five-flowered, occasionally one- to four-flowered; receptacle epaleate; involucre two-seriate.