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 (glô′sē, glŏs′ē)
adj. gloss·i·er, gloss·i·est
1. Having a smooth, shiny, lustrous surface: glossy satin.
2. Superficially and often speciously attractive; showy: glossy trendsetters.
n. pl. gloss·ies
1. A photographic print on smooth, shiny paper.
2. Chiefly British A popular magazine printed on smooth-coated stock.

gloss′i·ly adv.
gloss′i·ness n.
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Noun1.glossiness - the property of being smooth and shinyglossiness - the property of being smooth and shiny
smoothness - a texture without roughness; smooth to the touch; "admiring the slim smoothness of her thighs"; "some artists prefer the smoothness of a board"
radiancy, refulgence, refulgency, shine, effulgence, radiance - the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light
French polish - the glaze produced by repeated applications of French polish shellac
glaze - a glossy finish on a fabric
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لَمَعان، صَقْل


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(glos) noun
brightness or shininess on the surface. Her hair has a lovely gloss; (also adjective) gloss paint.
to make a glossary. The student glossed the difficult terms in order to understand the article.
ˈglossary (-səri) plural ˈglossaries noun
a list of words etc with their meanings. a glossary of technical terms; a Shakespeare glossary.
ˈglossy adjective
smooth and shining. The dog has a glossy coat.
ˈglossiness noun
gloss over
to try to hide (a mistake etc). He glossed over the fact that he had forgotten the previous appointment by talking about his accident.
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It was soft and plentiful, and waved downward from her low forehead in regular folds -- but, to some tastes, it was dull and dead, in its absolute want of glossiness, in its monotonous purity of plain light color.
Kaolin has other physical properties such as glossiness, brightness, abrasiveness, and viscosity, which influence its commercial utility.
Like sumptuously hydrated glassy skin and silky-smooth hair, glossiness on the lips is back in a big way.
The cut was accented with a deep side part, and a blowout was used to get volume and glossiness while turning under the ends.
Retailers can combine their trusted products with water-based sealants that are more easily applied, add to the overall design based on their glossiness and are more easily maintained than more intensive stain applications.
However, synthetic yarns like polyester can have different fiber qualities with different glossiness. Mixed up yarns can lead to defects in the following processes along the production chain. is gambling on glossiness and nostalgia to draw in shoppers with its first toy catalog, in yet another brick-and-mortar strategy to snag its share of the holiday toy sales.
There's a topcoat of glossiness and, that's it, I'm done.
Gone is the flickering projector, the glossiness of real film, velvet curtains parting for the main feature, the intermissions, the ice-cream lady and most of all, the glorious ornate picture houses that became churches to movie lovers.
They are expertly reproduced but the glossiness makes the book quite heavy and awkward to hold and handle.