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 (glô-sŏg′rə-fē, glŏ-)
The compilation of glosses or glossaries.

glos·sog′ra·pher n.
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(glɒˈsɒg rə fər, glɔ-)

1. a writer of glossaries.
2. a glossator.
[1600–10; < Greek glōssográphos; see glosso-, -grapher]
glos•sog′ra•phy, n.
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A comparison of verse and accompanying prose gloss at the end of Part II dramatizes the glossographer's posture of omniscience, his giving of priority to the "guilty" judgement of the crew upon the Mariner, "in sign whereof" they garland him with the dead bird; the verse, on the other hand, works by concrete juxtaposition: Instead of the cross the albatross About my neck was hung.
This putting-off both of sophistication and of earthly or local specificity in the Rime proper is of course traduced by the glossographer; it remains none the less in the verse and is respected by the voice(s) which there mediate the Mariner's tale.
I have only one suggestion--Gutas quotes the Syriac glossographers Bar Bahlul and Bar 'Ali only once (p.