glossy skin

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gloss·y skin

n. liodermia, apariencia brillante de la piel, síntoma de atrofia o traumatismo de los nervios.
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He also was black, and yet his glossy skin flung back the light at eight angles or more.
The answer was a perfectly indescribable hiss, and Mowgli kicked up his feet behind, clapped his hands together to applaud himself, and jumped on to Bagheera's back, where he sat sideways, drumming with his heels on the glossy skin and making the worst faces he could think of at Baloo.
The sun glanced from the tips of their metal-shod spears, picked out the gorgeous colors in the feathers of their war bonnets, and reflected the high-lights from the glossy skins of their broad shoulders and high cheek bones.
Granny Smith apple is large, often reaching a weight of 300 grams, round shape, with a glossy skin of bright green color.