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Adj.1.glottochronological - pertaining to the study of the evolution of languages from a common source; "glottochronological studies"
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(37) 'In fact, we did a lexicostatistical analysis of it, Tagalog, and Bicol and found that this was the language that was the missing link in the glottochronological and lexicostatistical numbers from Bisaya to Bicol to Tagalog.
For example, the identification of loan words from proto-Mixe-Zoquean into Maya dialects [74] and glottochronological studies of the timing of the splintering of the Maya language family around 1400 BC [75] were thought to support the migration of the first Maya groups into the lowlands from the highlands, bringing with them both agriculture and pottery-making towards the end of the second millennium BC.