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n. glucogénesis, proceso de desdoblamiento del glucógeno.
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These stress hormones in combination with cortisol increase glucose formation in fish by the process of glucogenesis and glycogenolysis (Iwama et al., 1999) to fulfil the energy required created by the toxicant for the "fight of flight" response, so it can be used as bio-indicator.
Algunas de ellas, asociadas a los procesos de gluconeogenesis, glucogenolisis y glucogenesis (Aziz et al.; Cui et al.).
GCK mutations affect not only the pancreatic function of this enzyme but the liver function too, where the decrease in the glycogen synthesis and storage, as well as increase in glucogenesis after standard meals, is reported.
weeks), DSW 500, 1000, Suppressed the expression and 2000 hardness, ad of hepatic genes involved libitum, 20 weeks in glucogenesis, glycogenolysis, and glucose oxidation.
Moreover, in order to highlight the primary effect of human insulin (glucogenesis and associated interconversions), the main biochemical components (carbohydrates, proteins and lipids in fat body) were examined; only two studies have reported that synthetic ILPs directly affect metabolic processes in insects (Antonova et al., 2012).
Maltase-glucoamylase modulates gluconeogenesis and sucrase-isomaltase dominates starch digestion glucogenesis. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2013;57:704-12.
Changes in their amount can be reflected directly by mRNA abundance, whereby an increase can enhance glucogenesis in liver (Li et al., 2005).
However, actual glucose generation, or glucogenesis, occurs at the level of gut mucosal alpha-glucosidases.