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n. glucogénesis, proceso de desdoblamiento del glucógeno.
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Maltase-glucoamylase modulates gluconeogenesis and sucrase-isomaltase dominates starch digestion glucogenesis.
Changes in their amount can be reflected directly by mRNA abundance, whereby an increase can enhance glucogenesis in liver (Li et al.
However, actual glucose generation, or glucogenesis, occurs at the level of gut mucosal alpha-glucosidases.
La insulina promueve las vias de almacenamiento y sintesis en el higado que incluye glucogenesis y lipogenesis.
2006) which, after being absorbed by the ruminal wall, goes to the liver and metabolized until it is transformed into glucose through glucogenesis (O'CALLAGHAN; BOLAND, 1999).
In the liver, several important pathways play a role in glucose homeostasis by maintaining a balance between glucose uptake and storage that is determined by glucogenesis and glycolysis, as well as glucose release that is regulated by glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis (Baquet et al.
The additional protein calories via glucogenesis may have provided additional substrate for glycogen resynthesis to occur, therefore aiding in an enhanced recovery.