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 (glo͞o-kō′sə-mēn′, glo͞o′kō-)
An amino derivative of glucose, C6H13NO5, in which an amino group replaces a hydroxyl group. It is a component of many polysaccharides and the basic structural unit of chitin, and is used as an over-the-counter dietary supplement alone or in combination with chondroitin for treatment of joint pain in arthritis.


1. (Elements & Compounds) the amino derivative of glucose that occurs in chitin. It has been used in some herbal remedies
2. (Complementary Medicine) the amino derivative of glucose that occurs in chitin. It has been used in some herbal remedies


(gluˈkoʊ səˌmin, -mɪn)

an amino sugar occurring in many polysaccharides of vertebrate tissue and also as the major component of chitin.
[1880–85; glucose + -amine]
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Noun1.glucosamine - an amino derivative of glucose that is a component of many polysaccharides
amino, amino group - the radical -NH2
chitin - a tough semitransparent horny substance; the principal component of the exoskeletons of arthropods and the cell walls of certain fungi
glucose - a monosaccharide sugar that has several forms; an important source of physiological energy
polyose, polysaccharide - any of a class of carbohydrates whose molecules contain chains of monosaccharide molecules


n glucosamina
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Popular and widely-used, glucosamines are currently administered for treating OA worldwide.
After drawing serum baselines, first group received the usual dose of 1500 mg (500 mg x 3 capsules daily) glucosamine sulfate (Heaith Burst Company, Ohio, USA) for 90 days, whereas the second group received placebo capsules containing cellulose.
Participants were informed about the potential side effects of glucosamine including abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, constipation and rising in blood glucose, lipid profiles and blood pressure.
The mean ages in the glucosamine and placebo groups were 63.4 [+ or -] 7.74 years and 64.9 [+ or -] 8.46 years, respectively, with no significant difference between the two (p=0.44).
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