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A GLUE-sniffer accused of stealing an emergency hammer from an Ulsterbus was once kidnapped and tortured by paramilitaries, he told the High Court yesterday.
Tony recalls that Noel - nicknamed Bostik - played football high on gluesniffing with "that vacant look that a glue-sniffer develops.
Pals stopped the 28-year-old former glue-sniffer from continuing his unprovoked attack on Lee, who says he is now scared to go out alone.
For example, one horizontal sequence has photographs of two shoe-shine boys in Caracas, Venezuela, and a couple kissing on the shore of Lake Como flanking a close-up of a glue-sniffer on a No 50 bus in Moseley.
Mr Metcalfe, 25, a homeless glue-sniffer, was kicked and beaten to death on September 16, 1989.
If Turkey is below even Gambia and Iraq in the global league of press freedom, this didn't happen in one day," he wrote, recalling several incidents when Erdoy-an personally lambasted him in public speeches for one of his articles in Radikal and for hosting a glue-sniffer after the prime minister insulted such addicts.
A description from a man who survived an attack and a trawl of fingerprint records identified the homeless glue-sniffer.
A shaven-headed glue-sniffer, he was a fan of music known as "Oi
A memorial gravestone honouring a murdered priest has been installed more than two years after he was killed by a glue-sniffer.
Duncan Bermingham, aged 32, a glue-sniffer with a long criminal history, was jailed for life for the murder three years ago.
Former glue-sniffer Andrew Tweedy was locked up for four years in 2005 for mugging a teenager.
There is no chance I will update him and turn him into a glue-sniffer.