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A massless, neutral vector boson that mediates strong interactions between quarks, binding them together within hadrons.

[glu(e) + -on.]
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(General Physics) a hypothetical particle believed to be exchanged between quarks in order to bind them together to form particles
[C20: from glue + -on]
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(ˈglu ɒn)

a hypothetical massless particle with spin 1 that is believed to transmit the strong force between quarks, binding them together into baryons and mesons.
[1970–75; glu(e) + -on1]
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Noun1.gluon - a gauge boson that mediates strong interaction among quarks
gauge boson - a particle that mediates the interaction of two elementary particles
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Gluon hopes that this collaboration will strengthen and increase its adoption in the marketplace.
Cassing, "The hot nonperturbative gluon plasma is an almost ideal colored liquid," Physical Review Letters, vol.
All hadrons, including protons, are composed of quarks and gluons which are (currently) considered fundamental particles that feel the strong nuclear force.
Importantly, Priest does not need to account for or even to understand why parts compose any one whole to know that whatever whole there is will require a gluon. He does not need to know how a human body works, to cite his example, nor whether it ought to be regarded as composed of organs or cells or atoms.
To remove the ultraviolet (UV) divergences in the quarks and gluons perturbed interaction, we modify the propagator like:
Peter Jacobs, head of the experimental group at Berkeley Lab that carried out the first jet and flow measurements with the STAR Collaboration at RHIC, said the new result is "very valuable as a window into the precise nature of the quark gluon plasma.
In a cold, ground state hydrogen atom, the three quarks embedded in this tiny drop of QPF-shaped gluon fluid (with an astonishing energy density of about 100,000,000 tons per cubic inch) also exchange bosons with the atomic electron, the virtual photons of light underlying the electromagnetic interaction.
Gluon provided converged local switching and access systems for local telecommunications service providers.
Software developer GLUON has introduced a new XTension for design professionals called ProGrids.
Gluon, deriving from "glue" and "on," is a particle that transmits a force that keeps quarks together.
In this approach, the quark-gluon language and Wilson operator product expansion (OPE) are usually used to evaluate the correlation function in terms of the QCD degrees of freedom such as quark condensate, gluon condensate, etc.