glutamic oxalacetic transaminase

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Noun1.glutamic oxalacetic transaminase - an enzyme involved in transamination
aminopherase, aminotransferase, transaminase - a class of transferases that catalyze transamination (that transfer an amino group from an amino acid to another compound)
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TC, TG, LDL, HDL, glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (ALT), and glutamic oxalacetic transaminase (AST) levels were determined at the Biochemistry Study Institution, Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical University (Ningxia, China).
This assumption is also favored by the tendency to some increase toward transamination enzymes activity in blood of bull-calves in experimental groups; so, index of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) exceeded that in the reference group by 3.6-9.9%, and serum glutamic oxalacetic transaminase (AST)--by 3.6-7.1%.
Several studies demonstrated that patients with ESRD had elevated glutamic oxalacetic transaminase after HD, although the mechanism is unknown [2].
The concentrations of albumin, cholesterol, glucose, total protein, triglyceride, urea, glutamic oxalacetic transaminase (GOT) and glutamic pyruvate transaminase (GPT) were not significantly different between the two groups (Table 3).

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