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Any of a class of simple proteins that are found in cereal grains and are soluble in dilute acids or bases. Glutelins are a major component of gluten in wheat.

[Alteration of glutenin, glutelin found in wheat (probably influenced by globulin) : gluten + -in.]


(Biochemistry) any of a group of water-insoluble plant proteins found in cereals. They are precipitated by alcohol and are not coagulated by heat. Compare gliadin
[C20: See gluten, -in]
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Noun1.glutelin - a simple protein found in the seeds of cereals
simple protein - a protein that yields only amino acids when hydrolyzed
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Glutelin precursor accumulation encodes a regulator of post-golgi vesicular traffic essential for vacuolar protein sorting in rice endosperm.
Vinod also used protein fractionation techniques in the research, which suggests the selenium is binding to albumin, crude starch and glutelin proteins.
Immunoassays with protein fractions revealed the antibody specificity to the prolamin and glutelin fractions in the respective grains.
15], it was concluded that the treatment increase the quantity of prolamin in all the treated cake, while the quantity of globulin, albumin and glutelin were reduced.
The composite of the substances gliadin and glutelin, gluten is found in grass-related grains.
Wieser, Reoxidation Behavior of Wheat and Rye Glutelin Subunits, Cereal Chemistry, 78, 8-13 (2001).
In GR1 both genes were expressed only in the rice endosperm under the control of the rice grain storage protein glutelin promoter, rather than constitutively as in the prototype (Figure 2).
Elkhalifa and El Tinay (1994) estimated the protein fractions of sorghum dough prepared in the same manner for as the production of kisra for low- and high-tannin sorghum cultivars and reported that during fermentation there was a decrease in the prolamin fraction, an increase in the glutelin and a slight increase in the albumin and globulin fractions for the low-tannin cultivar.
The glutelin fraction is particularly difficult to characterize because its solubility is restricted to acids and bases.
JT will grant to Syngenta its share of commercialization rights to three varieties of hybrid rice and a low glutelin rice that are currently being developed by Orynova K.