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1. The mixture of proteins, including gliadins and glutelins, found in wheat grains, which are not soluble in water and which give wheat dough its elastic texture.
2. Any of the prolamins found in cereal grains, especially the prolamins in wheat, rye, barley, and possibly oats, that cause digestive disorders such as celiac disease.

[French, from Latin glūten, glue.]

glu′ten·ous adj.


[ˈgluːtənəs] ADJglutenoso
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"It's sticky, glutenous rice shaped in discs, coated in coconut and dipped in a mix of sugar and roasted sesame seeds.
The text concludes with appendices listing such things as glutenous foods, particular diet guidelines, dairy charts, and elimination diet guidelines, among other things.
2.5 million Americans are thought to be undiagnosed or are experiencing longterm complications from the disease (Celiac Disease Foundation, 2014c).The leading cause of celiac disease is the ingestion of glutenous products, which can cause damage in the small intestine (Celiac Disease Foundation, 2014c).