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1. A person who eats or consumes immoderate amounts of food and drink.
2. A person with an inordinate capacity to receive or withstand something: a glutton for punishment.
3. See wolverine.

[Middle English glotoun, from Old French gloton, from Latin gluttō, gluttōn-. Sense 3, ultimately (perhaps via French glouton and German Vielfrass, glutton, wolverine) from translation of Middle Low German vilvraz, glutton, wolverine : vil, much + vraz, eater (the word vilvraz, glutton, perhaps being applied to the wolverine partly in reference to its reputation for voraciousness and partly as a folk-etymological loan translation of Old Swedish filfras, wolverine : fil, hill in the wilderness + fras, tomcat).]

glut′ton·ous (glŭt′n-əs) adj.
glut′ton·ous·ly adv.
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Adv.1.gluttonously - in a gluttonous manner; "this man eats gluttonously!"
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Brutus gluttonously watered at the mouth; and the tongue of Cassius, protruding in unutterable expectation, smoked again between his enormous jaws.
We must not resume eating gluttonously and wastefully.
This murderous and criminal regime gluttonously sucks the lifeblood from its own citizens and neighboring states.
Even here, surfacing rightful ambivalence about the project of art's political efficacy, I share gluttonously in the fantasy of it; my days are terrifyingly animated by it.
In contrast, China's state-owned enterprises and private state-favored darlings, the "paper tigers" of Fuller's argument, languish in the arms of state support, gluttonously consuming resources without investing in technological advancement.
If we reminisce the famous catchword `Youth are the leaders of tomorrow ` made by our leaders of yesteryears who are still gluttonously clinging on to the baton of power, we wonder when exactly is the future going to pull in for the youths.