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n. glicemia, glucemia, concentración de glucosa en la sangre.
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Beta Bionics is a for-profit Massachusetts public benefit corporation founded in 2015 to commercialize the iLet, a revolutionary bionic pancreas that is driven by mathematical dosing algorithms, which incorporate lifelong machine-learning, and artificial intelligence to autonomously control glycemia. The Goodwin team included partners Rob Puopolo and Seo Salimi, counsel Nicole Daley, and law clerk Isabel Klosterman.
This cross-sectional study involved 680 Brazilian women aged 35 to 74 years and sought to evaluate the possible association between vitamin D deficiency and increased glycemia.
Most of the risk factors assessed individuals presented differences between the groups, with no statistical difference between men and women for the variables: WHR, systolic blood pressure (SBP), glycemia, total cholesterol (TC), LDL and triglycerides (TG) (Table 1).
Mottl, M.D., M.P.H., from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and colleagues evaluated the long-term kidney effects of aggressive control of glycemia (hemoglobin A1c <6 percent), blood pressure (systolic BP <120 mm Hg), and lipids among participants in the Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes (ACCORD) study.
Another characteristic of the short-term intense aerobic exercise in a fasted state is a reduction in glycemia (6) and elevation in lactatemia (7) associated with a shorter time to exhaustion.
The samples were immediately transported in refrigeration to the Fundacion Hospital Universitario Metropolitano (FHUM) laboratories for the determination of glycemia, total cholesterol, high-density cholesterol (HDL), and triglycerides.
(2) explore the effect of DAA treatment on the glycemia levels in patients with chronic hepatitis C
Retinal vessel dilation occurs in response to experimental hypoxia and flicker stimulation [11-13], and lower glycemia suppresses retinal electroretinographic signaling and dark adaptation.
High velocity gastric emptying allows nutrients to reach the intestine more rapidly, thus increasing postprandial glycemia; on the other hand, hyperglycemia delays stomach emptying, so the nutrients are propelled more slowly for absorption at the intestinal level [14].
Physical activity, glycemia and insulin secretion did not differ between intervention days.
The extract significantly reduced glucose concentrations at [t.sub.30] compared to glibenclamide, but glibenclamide maintained lower glycemia than the extract thereafter to the end of the study.
In particular, the magnitude of postprandial glycemia seems to be more associated with vascular complications than fasting blood glucose levels (Cavalot et al., 2011; DECODE, 1999; DECODE, 2001; Sasso et al., 2004; Temelkova-Kurktschiev et al., 2000).