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An ester formed between one or more fatty acids and glycerol. Glycerides are found in plant oils and animal fats.

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(Chemistry) any fatty-acid ester of glycerol
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(ˈglɪs əˌraɪd, -ər ɪd)

an ester of glycerol and a fatty acid. Compare triglyceride.
[1860–65; glycer (in) + -ide]
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Noun1.glyceride - an ester of glycerol and fatty acids that occurs naturally as fats and fatty oilsglyceride - an ester of glycerol and fatty acids that occurs naturally as fats and fatty oils; "fresh fats contain glycerides of fatty acids and very little free acid"
animal oil - any oil obtained from animal substances
fat - a soft greasy substance occurring in organic tissue and consisting of a mixture of lipids (mostly triglycerides); "pizza has too much fat"
triglyceride - glyceride occurring naturally in animal and vegetable tissues; it consists of three individual fatty acids bound together in a single large molecule; an important energy source forming much of the fat stored by the body
glyceryl ester - an ester of glycerol
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The PIMS team said that Nawaz Sharif is unwell as he is suffering from heart disease, glyceride, cholesterol and diabetes.
All these fatty acids undergo isomerization, oxidation, polymerization and decomposition during heating and the degree of transformation through these processes depend on the stability of the unsaturated fatty acids in the glyceride molecules [1-5].
47 metabolites were found as potential biomarkers and indicated Ml would lead to disturbed metabolism due to inflammation, oxidative stress and structural damage; while GBE could effectively restore fatty acid, sphingolipid, phosphoglyceride, glyceride, amino acid and energy metabolism, closely related to its antioxidant, PAF antagonist and hypolipidemic properties.
Hydrocolloids (guar gum, carboxymethyl cellulose) and emulsifiers DATEM (Diacetile tartaric acid of mono glycerides), DMG (dimono glyceride) were purchased from Sakhawat Essence (Lahore, Pakistan).
Plasma total cholesterol, total glyceride, low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), leptin, and glucose levels were significantly decreased after treatment with T occidentalis, [alpha]-thujone, or reference buserelin acetate, when compared to the control group.
(1) Therefore, the thermal stability of vegetable oils can be improved by replacing the glyceride moiety in the original molecule with a polyhydric alcohol (such as trimethylolpropane or pentaerythritol) [7].
Clinical measurement of serum glyceride concentrations is an important parameter for assessing and managing cardiovascular disease (CVD) [3] risk.
A polyglycolised glyceride lipid carrier, Gelucire 50/13 (G50/13) was used to develop sustained release capsules while high viscosity grade HPMC was used to form sustained release tablets of diltiazem HCl.
Diacyl glyceride (DAG) has been shown to be beneficial in reducing these disorders [3].
The Sheffield Pharma Ingredients portfolio now includes one of the industry's safest, strongest lactose excipient ranges, an innovative tabletting system, Mastertaste pharma flavours, film coating systems, and a range of NF-monographed glyceride emulsifiers.
"Interesterification rearranges the fatty acids on the glyceride backbone to get a different melt point," explains Robert Reeves, president of the Institute of Shortening and Edible Oils in Washington.