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At noon we conquered the last impediment--we stood at last upon the summit, and without the loss of a single man except the mule that ate the glycerin. Our great achievement was achieved--the possibility of the impossible was demonstrated, and Harris and I walked proudly into the great dining-room of the Riffelberg Hotel and stood our alpenstocks up in the corner.
Key statement: The present technology provides a rubber composition including: (A) 100 parts by mass of a diene rubber; (B) from 5 to 200 parts by mass of silica; (C) from 1 to 20 mass % of a silane coupling agent relative to the silica; and (D) from 1 to 20 mass % of a glycerin monofatty acid ester relative to a mass of the silica (B), the glycerin mono-fatty acid ester being derived from a fatty acid having from 8 to 24 carbons; not less than 10 parts by mass out of 100 parts by mass of the diene rubber (A) having a hetero atom-containing functional group in a main chain and/or a terminal thereof.
Because it has a similar metabolic energy to corn (Lammers et al., 2008), vegetable glycerin has gained relevance in animal nutrition.
Aemetis announced that its Universal Biofuels subsidiary has completed a two-year upgrade of the Kakinada, India biodiesel and glycerin plant.
The production of biodiesel generates a large amount of glycerin, the main by-product of this process (10 [m.sup.-3] glycerin for 90 [m.sup.-3] biodiesel) (Pagliaro, Ciriminna, Kimura, Rossi, & Pina, 2009).
Avocado oil, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid are among the ingredients in the cleanser.
Some researchers have validated the existence of elasticity using elastic modulus testing and then conducted water-glycerin-polymer flooding and water-polymer-glycerin flooding; here, the viscosity of the polymer is the same with that of glycerin [50, 51].
As an alternative feed for dairy animals, glycerin has become increasingly important for feed cost reduction and milk yield enhancement.
Biodiesel production is predominantly processed by catalyzed transesterification, a reaction which results in other products or co-products, such as crude glycerin. Crude glycerin has proved to be a co-substrate in the anaerobic treatment of different types of organic residues.
Biodiesel is manufactured through transesterification, in which glycerin is separated from the fat or vegetable oil.
A healthy sweet spot has a pH between 4 and 4.5 but traditional body washes and soaps can upset that natural chemistry because they have the wrong pH, are heavily fragranced and use glycerin. SweetSpot Labs Gentle Washes and Wipes are made with a woman's chemistry in mind--and are glycerin free.