glycerin jelly

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Noun1.glycerin jelly - a mixture of glycerin and gelatin that is used in histology for mounting specimens
glyceryl ester - an ester of glycerol
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Several of th e solutions used to stain and mount specimens can be prepared in advance: acid-alcohol, a series of concentrated glycerin solutions, and Kaiser glycerin jelly. Acid-alcohol, used to destain specimens, is prepared using 65% distilled water.
The bursa copulatrix was stained with chlorazol black and drawn in Brunel Micro Ltd glycerin jelly. Additional information (host, collecting method, previous determinations, and specimen notes) for each specimen with a Unique Specimen Identifier (USI) label can be searched by consulting the following sources: locality database of the Planetary Biodiversity Inventory of the Plant Bugs locality_database.html,, or the (Schuh et al., 2010; Schuh, 2011).
Palynological studies: For these studies the glycerin jelly was prepared according to the modified method of Ahmad et al.