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Noun1.Glycerite - a medicine made by mixing a substance in glyceringlycerite - a medicine made by mixing a substance in glycerin
glyceryl ester - an ester of glycerol
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The sweet-tasting glycerite can be squirted directly into a dog's mouth from the measured dropper or added to food twice daily.
* Skullcap, catnip, milky oats, and chamomile are wonderful herbs to take internally, as a tea or glycerite, to help your child relax, sleep and get relief from the itch.
When my daughter was a baby I made an herbal medicine kit to carry in the diaper bag that included lavender essential oil, Bach Rescue Remedy, an all-purpose herbal diaper salve, chamomile homeopathic pills and a bottle of echinacea glycerite. Bug bites, stings and burns were relieved with the lavender oil, which was also used as an instant air freshener after particularly stinky diaper changes.