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n. pl. gly·co·ge·no·ses (-sēz′)
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There is also a need for restoration of metabolic flexibility, allowing fatty acid oxidation, in addition to glycogenosis. Lifestyle interventions involving nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction with normalization of circadian rhythms should be at the core of treatment.
Glycogenic hepatopathy was first described in 1930 by Mauriac as "hepatic glycogenosis, characterized by hepatic glycogen deposition in patients with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes mellitus" [1].
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Recently, a recessive loss-of-function mutation in the PGM1 gene that encodes the enzyme PGM1 has been shown to be associated with hypoglycaemia, similar to glycogenosis (18).
In the liver, insulin decreases glucose production by decreasing gluconeogenesis and glycogenosis, whereas it increases glycogen synthesis in the liver and muscle.
The rare conditions that present PGBs (at this age-group) include mainly glycogenosis IV (and probably type VII [5]), in which cases these PGBs are almost exclusively restricted to striated muscles [11].
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Fusiform aneurysm of basilar artery and ectatic internal carotid arteries associated with glycogenosis type 2(Pompe's disease).
FHF: fulminant hepatic failure; BA: biliary atresia; EC: sclerosing cholangitis; GL: glycogenosis type 1B and 3.