glycolic acid

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gly·col·ic acid

A colorless crystalline compound, C2H4O3, that is found in sugar beets, sugarcane, and unripe grapes and is used in tanning, in metal polishing and electroplating, and in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, adhesives, and plasticizers.

glycolic acid

(Elements & Compounds) a colourless crystalline soluble hygroscopic compound found in sugar cane and sugar beet: used in tanning and in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, adhesives, and plasticizers; hydroxyacetic acid. Formula: CH2(OH)COOH

glycol′ic ac′id

a crystalline acid, C2H4O3, abundant in cane sugar and grapes: used in textile processes.
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Noun1.glycolic acid - a translucent crystalline compound found in sugar cane and sugar beets and unripe grapes
acid - any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt
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When measured by the Vitros lactate method, all specimens with glycolic acid concentrations of 0-26.
Unlike glycolic acid peels, it can be applied almost anywhere on the body.
Resorbable" polyesters, bioabsorbable homopolymers and copolymers derived from lactic and glycolic acid, will be exhibited by Henley Chemicals Inc.
Levodopa (CAS 59-92-7) Market Research Report 2009 Colchicine (CAS 64-86-8) Market Research Report 2009 Glycolic Acid (CAS 79-14-1)Market Research Report 2009 Isobutyl-(R)-Lactate (CAS 61597-96-4) Market Research Report 2009 2,2-bis(4-aminophenyl)hexafluoropropane (CAS 1095-78-9) Market Research Report 2009 Polyacrylic Acid Sodium Salt (CAS 9003-04-7) Market Research Report 2009 Trimellitic Anhydride (CAS 552-30-7) Market Research Report 2009 Triethylaluminum (CAS 97-93-8) Market Research Report 2009 Allyl alcohol (CAS 107-18-6) Market Research Report 2009 L-Proline (JAN) (CAS 147-85-3) Market Research Report 2009
Chemours will retain the Glycolic Acid business, based in Belle, West Virginia, which was historically part of the Clean and Disinfect Business.
50 No one had a bad word to say about this clay-based glycolic acid peel: 'younger', 'fresher', 'smoother' and 'glowing' came up over and over again in the testers' feedback.
High Purity Glycolic Acid that Is Formaldehyde-free INCI: Glycolic Acid
My favourite way to exfoliate is with chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid and lactic acid.
Reviva Labs is a key pioneer of skin-care education, and is recognized as a leader initiating new, beneficial products, such as exfoliants, topical trace minerals, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and lighten and brighten skin creams.
The cleanser, toner and scrub, enriched with glycolic acid and marine plant extracts, are formulated to leave skin clean, fresh and vibrant.
12 January 2010 - French biotechnology company Metabolic Explorer (EPA: METEX) has developed a bacterial strain for the production of glycolic acid through biological methods.