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A lipid that contains one or more carbohydrate groups.


(Chemistry) any of a group of lipids containing a carbohydrate group, commonly glucose or galactose


(ˌglaɪ kəˈlɪp ɪd)

any of a class of lipids that contain a carbohydrate group.
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Glycopolymer biosynthesis involves several key glycolipid intermediates, all of which are linked to the cell membrane by the molecule undecaprenol.
The company added that AGI-134 is a synthetic alpha-Gal glycolipid in development for solid tumours.
The function of the GLA enzymes is to break down globotriaosyl-ceramide (GL-3 or Gb3), lyso-GL-3/Gb3 and related glycolipids by removing terminal galactose sugar from the end of these glycolipid molecules.
But glycolipid (Inagaki et al., 2006; Para et al., 2009; Mansoor et al., 2007; La et al., 2012; Ikada et al., 2009) was scarce investigated which also belonged to the liposoluble constituent of cervus nippon antler velvet layer.
AGI-134 is a synthetic, intratumorally administered glycolipid designed to label cancer cells with alpha-Gal, which then become the target of pre-existing anti-Gal antibodies, effectively triggering an immediate local anti-tumor response, as well as a follow-on systemic anti-tumor response targeting both the primary injected tumor and distal secondary tumors.
Objective: To examine the relationship between transforming growth factor (TGF)-[beta] with recurrent erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL) based on the anti-phenolic glycolipid (PGL)-1 IgM antibody and cortisol in leprosy patients.
echinulata was compared with the glycolipid biosurfactant produced by other microorganisms and shows that the biosurfactant is in accordance with the glycolipid reported in the literature [46, 47].
TSF Treatment Inhibits Blood Glucose Increase and Regulates the Disorder of Glycolipid Metabolism in db/db Mice.
Yamakawa, "A novel pentaglycosyl ceramide containing di-beta-N-acetylgalactos-aminyl residue (Para-Forssman glycolipid) isolated from human erythrocyte membrane," Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, vol.
The purpose of the present work was to evaluate salivary anti-phenolic glycolipid 1 antigen (PGL-1) IgA and IgM isotypes among 169 leprosy contacts aged 4-16 years living in the municipalities of Santana do Ipanema and Rio Largo (Alagoas state, Brazil).
A good correlation was found between circulating levels of LBSA in different stages of oral cancer patients suggesting that tissue turnover rates of both membrane glycolipid and glycoprotein were to the extent of malignant transformation.