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The complete set of carbohydrates that are metabolized by an organism.
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'I am honored by this award from Agilent, which will allow us to build a glycome database using HILIC LC/MS.
glycome of 4-hydroxy-benzaldehyde is extracted from the plant Helicia
Cracking the glycome encoder: signaling, trafficking, and glycosylation.
Chien et al., "Cobra venom proteome and glycome determined from individual snakes of Naja atra reveal medically important dynamic range and systematic geographic variation," Journal of Proteomics, vol.
More specifically, N-glycosylation changes in the serum glycome are related to cancer and inflammation [3], and serum glycome profiling can serve as tumor biomarkers [4].
Glycome diagnosis of human induced pluripotent stem cells using lectin microarray.
Services in Creative BioMart include: Annotate N-linked glycosylation, Annotate O-linked glycosylation, Annotate C-linked glycosylation, Annotate glycationn, Glycan staining or labeling, Glycoprotein purification or enrichment and Glycoproteome and Glycome Analysis by Mass Spectrometry.
Advances in analysing the human proteome and the proteome-adaptation in cell programming, show the need for the study of the dynamic aspects of the glycome and the glycoproteome to gain insight in the actual biological functioning of glycoproteins.
Reagan, "The cancer glycome: carbohydrates as mediators of metastasis," Blood Reviews, vol.
The serum "glycome" is a fascinating example of an emerging paradigm for the discovery of new biomarkers to characterize disease risk and pathophysiology.
Another report revealed that surface glycome of endothelial cell selectively mediated the binding to Gal-1, which relied on the recognition of VEGFR2 and then triggered VEGF-like signaling [11].
Saito et al., "Glycome diagnosis of human induced pluripotent stem cells using lectin microarray," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.