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n. (used with a sing. verb)

gly·co′mic adj.
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Release date- 28082019 - Korean researcher recognized for her work in glycomics and biopharma applications.
Professor Hyun Joo An Korean researcher recognized for her work in glycomics and biopharma applications
Glycomics is the pursuit to decipher the information communicated by carbohydrate molecules -- the carbohydrate code or glycocode.
Human Milk Glycomics and Gut Microbial Genomics in Infant Feces Show a Correlation between Human Milk Oligosaccharides and Gut Microbiota: A Proof-of-Concept Study.
Sugar symbols are used according to the Consortium for Functional Glycomics for the representation of glycan structures.
Professor Michael Jennings, Deputy Director of the Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University said, "Detection of this tumor marker may also play a role in a simple liquid biopsy to monitor disease stage and treatment."
Glycoproteomics, an emerging field combining proteomics and glycomics, can help with better biomarker and target discovery, but produces an enormous amount of data in minutes that historically takes months to fully analyze and is often difficult to reproduce.
In conjunction with the progaremme, Karin Hoffmeister, MD, who is the senior investigator at BloodCenter of Wisconsin Blood Research Institute, the director of the Translational Glycomics Center at Blood Research Institute and professor of Biochemistry at the Medical College of Wisconsin, will lead the cross-disciplinary Career Development in Glycosciences programme.
Bones's remarkable contribution and experience in biomedical research and disease diagnostics will prove to be a major asset for us in developing a glycomics software solution for bio-pharmaceutical industries.
This includes science-based technologies such as superconductors, quantum computers, nanotechnology, synthetic food, glycomics, and tissue engineering; new forms of digital products such as augmented reality and drones; and new forms of internet services including those that are free, such as music and user-generated content.
For instance, some of them can serve as early indicators for the onset of diabetes." Their study was entitled 'Deep molecular phenotypes link complex disorders and physiological insult to CpG methylation' and is the first study that analyses such a broad spectrum of molecular measurements, including metabolomics, lipidomics, proteomics and glycomics to measure all possible kinds of small molecules that can be found in blood, urine and saliva.